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    A dog is an excellent pet! Keeping a beloved dog well makes it your source of happiness, walking antidepressant, and a faithful friend. However, to avoid potential discomfort, it is better to prepare for a puppy before you take it home. That is how you prevent behavior and cultivation issues.

    Specialists recommend new dog keepers find their dog handler first. A qualified handler can give you some valuable recommendations on finding a suitable place, buying the natures recipe dog food review, and starting to communicate with your pet correctly.

    Additionally, don’t forget that a dog is a family member and a family’s responsibility. That means everyone will have to devote enough time to spend with a puppy. Discuss who will walk a puppy and when, who will feed it on time, and whether it will be allowed to sleep in a family bed.

    A Suitable Dog Depends on Your Temper

    Here is another pro tip: give a piece of your old clothes to a breeder before visiting your puppy for the first time. That is how a dog will get used to your smell. This simple action will significantly reduce the stress a pet feels when moving to a new dwelling.
    A frequent mistake for new dog keepers is simple: they pick the first puppy that came to them thinking that it was a puppy’s choice. However, the truth is different. The first puppy to get closer to a new human in their environment is the most self-confident and cheeky one.

    Such a dog is for experienced and equally confident keepers. It will be challenging for a newbie owner to deal with that pet. That is why it may be wise to have your chosen handler nearby when picking a puppy. A qualified specialist can check all available puppies and choose the one fitting the keeper’s temper the most.

    Prepare a Place

    A hallway won’t fit to place a puppy: it’s a zone in your house that collects the majority of parasites, viruses, and bacteria that can infect the young and weak body of your little pet. Sometimes, people take dogs to their new homes before pets get their required vaccines. So, it is better to avoid draughts as well.

    Make sure your puppy has a hidden, covered place to stay calm, rest, and sleep. It is normal for little dogs to spend up to 20 hours per day sleeping: their bodies grow at that time. Try not to bother your pet while it’s resting. That is how you care about its mental health.

    Buy Food and Water Bowls

    A puppy needs two bowls. One is for food (picking the best affordable puppy food beforehand might be a good choice), and the other is for water. Most probably, metal bowls with rubber bottoms will be the most comfortable for you to use: they won’t slide on your kitchen floor. Ceramic bowls are more suitable for small breeds.

    Take care of washing the bowls properly. It is better to clean them up after every feeding session. Otherwise, your puppy risks getting intestine infections that love dirty dishes.

    Choose Food

    The best decision here is to buy the same food the breeder used to feed your puppy because food change is the additional stress source for little dogs. Sometimes, a breeder’s food is too expensive for new keepers. In that case, try to choose the best budget puppy food you can find in your neighborhood.

    First Aid Kit and Care Products

    After getting a puppy, it is critical for keepers to understand the recommendations of their veterinary care consultants and to avoid breaking the estimated vaccination terms. Additionally, an owner should carefully and timely prevent parasites like ticks, worms, and fleas. Be advised, the fact that you don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re absent. Your vet will recommend good anti-parasite solutions for your dog.

    Additionally, dogs have cosmetics and accessories they need to live comfortably. For example, a grooming brush or glove is necessary regardless of your dog’s breed. Paw wax and cutters, lotions to clean eyes and ears, and specially designed dog shampoos are other critical things to keep at hand.

    To Conclude

    A new keeper should be prepared to get a puppy. It is better to take care of the necessary supplies beforehand. To make the life of your little pet more comfortable, give it a nice, warm, and calm place to sleep, get bowls, suitable food, first aid anti-parasite supplies, and cosmetics.

    Your dog deserves all the best you can give! It will pay you back with love and faith!



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